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Walking With God: God Speaks When We Ask (Excerpt)

Walking with God

An excerpt from the new book, Walking with God. Are you living God’s promise for your life? With hundreds of Scriptural quotes and references, this book will boldly challenge the way to think about your relationship to God and to the mighty promises He has proclaimed over your life. 

A few years ago, a friend was in the hospital. Her fam­ily was deeply worried they would have to say goodbye. If there is ever a time for family and friends to be close, this was the time. So, a few friends and I packed our suitcases and headed south. When we arrived at the hospital, we understood the reason for concern. She was in ICU and looked like a woman who was being called home.

It was late at night when we finally got to the hotel, but I couldn’t sleep. It was a warm night, so I headed outside to sit near the pool. I was all alone and the world was quiet. I implored God to lay His healing hands upon our friend and restore her to perfect health. I also asked to hear His voice in this situation. It was a voice that I longed to hear. The last time I had felt the guidance of the Holy Spirit was several days before when God led me to make this trip. As I finished the prayer and took a deep breath of humid air, a flash of lightning in the distance caught my eye. It was heat lightning, the colorful distant display of a far-off storm that lights the sky without the sound of thunder. For the next hour I sat, wrapped in the warm night air, alone with God, and watched as the night sky lit up in a show of blues, pinks, oranges, and reds. It was both startling and one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

I asked to hear God’s voice and He answered me. Per­haps, not in the way I had expected, but in a glorious way nonetheless. Within twenty-four hours our friend was out of ICU, and within a week she was home.

Beloved, one of the most important things I pray you take from this book is the truth that God’s voice is not re­served for teachers and preachers. God speaks into the lives of every single one of His children. He is speaking into your life right now. He wants you to seek Him every day and in every situation. Start by seeking Him with your words and thoughts. Instead of bringing all your worries, hopes, and fears to other people, bring them first to God. Bring it all to the One who can do something about it!


Walking with God

Are you living God’s promise for your life?

What allows some of God’s children to claim His abundant promise, while others remain forever out of reach of His best? How do we get our lives unstuck and soar to our highest God anointed destiny? How do we break free of the burdens of our past in order to live out God’s mighty purpose for our lives?  

With hundreds of Scriptural quotes and references, we will answer these questions and discover their profound impact on our ability to claim God’s best for our lives. Walking with God, will challenge the way you think about your relationship with God, and give you hope as we journey together to God’s promise.

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