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The Mirror of God’s Word

21099_10200341270147404_762166680_nBy Monica Schmelter – As the host of a television show I get lots of emails and questions about all sorts of subjects.  A few months ago I got an email from a woman that really made me sad.  She shared with me her quest for beauty and value.  Here is an excerpt from her email:

Dear Monica,

“My whole life has been tainted by an image of unattainable beauty.  I have starved myself, gone to numerous dermatologists, filed down my own teeth and purchased tons of products that all promised me perfection.  My friends and family plead with me to stop, stating that I am blowing everything way out of proportion.  What can I do to stop this chase for unattainable beauty?”


Signed, Anonymous woman under thirty years old and who is a wife and mother

Let’s be honest here.  Most women have battled with the mirror, the scale or other people’s opinions of their beauty or perceived lack thereof.  What’s the answer to our struggles about our beauty, self-esteem or value?  Is it the seemingly pat answer “we are all beautiful and made in the image of God?”  That’s true you know, we are all beautiful and made in the image of God.  It’s also true that most of us have spent considerable time in the mirror of our culture and have seen that “distorted carnival mirror” type image at least once, and it’s fooled us into believing that we don’t measure up.

The challenge here it to put down the culture’s mirror and pick up the Mirror of God’s Word.  Here are some ways to opt out of the world’s mirror and see yourself in a whole new light.

                Prioritize God’s Word about your value as the most important voice in your life.

                Spend time in the Mirror of His Word and see your value through what Christ has done for you.

                When you have negative thoughts replace them with life affirming thoughts – quickly.

Does this mean that as Christian women we pay no attention to our physical appearance?  Certainly not.  Who wants to leave this house with morning breath or uncombed hair?   Good grooming routines are essential.  The key here is not to be owned by the number on the scale, or whether you wish your hair was curly.  The transition to a new way of thinking and living well is worth the effort.  We need to do this for ourselves, our daughters, granddaughters and generations to come.  We’re losing a generation of young and not so young women to anorexia, bulimia, cutting and sexual promiscuity.  These women have bought the lie that beauty and worth are measured by the reflection in the mirror or number on the scale.

We can turn this tide by walking in faith together and seeing our value in the Mirror of God’s Word.


Southern Guide to Life Contributor Monica SchmelterMonica Schmelter is a regular contributor to Southern Guide to Life.  She is speaker, General Manger of WHTN of the Christian Television Network, host of  CTV’s ‘Bridges,‘ and author of ‘Right Sizing Your Life,’ and ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?’ To find out more visit Follow her on Twitter at @MonicaSchmelter. Visit her on Facebook at

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  1. Reed H. says:

    I love that you put Christian faith front of center here. I wish more publications would follow suit!

  2. Tonya says:

    Wow! So moving!

  3. Patty says:

    Thanks Monica and SGTL for an uplifting piece!

  4. Francis says:

    I printed this out and keep it on my fridge! Great reminder of God’s love for us!

  5. Silvia says:

    I forwarded this to my daughter-in0law. Love it. Thanks

  6. Amanda says:


  7. Rosie says:

    We can all use this reminder. thank you