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Southern Fried Okra

Fried okra is a staple food of the South, but it is not always easy to make picture-perfect fried okra at home. This is a foolproof  recipe for restaurant quality fried okra that will turn out perfectly every time.


Making the worlds best fried okra starts with selecting just the right okra pods.  You want medium sized pods without many discolorations or defects.  Stay away from larger the pods, they will be noticeably tougher.


Slice off the caps and any brownish tips.  Then slice the pods into bite-sized pieces.

Dip the okra into a mixture of buttermilk, egg and baking powder.

Dredge okra in a mixture of cornmeal, flour and a dash of salt and pepper. You will need to change out the cornmeal mixture at least once during this process as it will develop clumps that prevent an even coating to the okra.

Dip the okra into the buttermilk mixture a second time.

Dredge a second time in the cornmeal mixture and then fry to a golden brown. Drain on a paper towel.

Recipe: Southern Fried Okra


Difficulty: Easy * Preparation Time: 20 Min *Cook Time: 30 Min * Makes: 1 Pound




1 Pound Okra

1 Cup Buttermilk

1 Egg

2-3 Cups White Cornmeal

2-3 Tablespoon Flour

Dash Salt and Pepper

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

Vegetable Oil



Heat oil in heavy bottom pot or skillet.

Slice off and discard okra caps and any dark tips.  Slice the okra into bit sized pieces no bigger than 1 inch.

In a medium sized bowl, combine buttermilk, egg, and baking powder.

In a second medium bowl, combine 1/2 – 2/3 cup cornmeal, 1 tablespoon flour and a dash of salt and pepper. When the mixture becomes lumpy, swap it out with more cornmeal, flour, salt and pepper.

Working in small groups, dip the sliced okra into the buttermilk mixture and dredge in the cornmeal mixture.  Then, dip the okra into the buttermilk mixture again and then coat a second time with additional cornmeal mixture.

Gently place coated okra into hot oil and fry for 2-5 minutes, or until the okra are golden brown. Place onto a paper towel lined tray to drain.





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  1. Clara says:

    Better than Cracker Barrell or any southern meat and three we have ever eaten at. I never knew these were so easy to make. Thanks for all of the great recipes!!