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Monica Schmelter


Monica Schmelter is the host of ‘Bridges,’ airing daily on Christian Television Network.  She is a speaker, General Manager of WHTN of the Christian Television Network and author of two books, ‘Right Sizing Your Life’ and her latest, ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?’.

Seen by millions of people each day, ‘Bridges’ goes beyond the convention of TV’s traditional “talk and magazine” shows by going to the root of today’s challenges and issues.  ‘Bridges’ embraces a biblical world-view and works to mend the brokenness of contemporary culture by helping people build real and lasting relationships with God.

Monica Schmelter on Southern Guide to Life

Bridges on Christian Television Network

Monica Speaks

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right-sizing-your-life-softcover-238x300 - cropped‘Right Sizing Your Life’ is an “up close and personal look” at Monica’s own journey to a better and healthier life.  Millions of ‘Bridge’ viewers around the world watched as Monica shed 70 pounds in the course of a year.  In her customary heartfelt and unfiltered style, Monica takes readers ‘behind the scene’ and shows them not simply how she lost that weight, but how she has continued to keep it off and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

In her latest book, ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?,’ Monica takes this journey of self-image even further, empowering women with Biblical tools to lay down the mirror of this world (and its standard of beauty) and to pick up the mirror of God’s Word where you will find your true beauty and lasting joy.

Monica says, “It’s not the desire to look our best that gets us off track, but it’s the unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards promoted inDoes This Make Me Look Fat the media that can leave even a Jesus loving girl feeling like she’s not pretty enough. Thus, our Mirror Mirror on the Wall relationship usually starts young and lasts a lifetime.  We gaze into the mirror with questions and look  intently for answers.

– Does this make me look fat?
– Am I pretty enough?
– Do I need to lose weight?
– Is my nose too big?
– How noticeable are my wrinkles?
– Insert here whatever question/concern you may have……


Watch Bridges on WHTN: Monday through Friday at 9:30 AM and 8:30 PM | Saturday at 5:30 PM. You can also watch on DirectTV #376 and Dish #276 on Saturdays at 2 PM CST.

Monica shares her powerful story of Faith:

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  1. Lisa D. says:

    I just love reading Monica’s articles and am looking forward to reading her new book. I just finished her first one and loved it! Thank you so much for including faith as a major part of your magazine!