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Monica Schmelter: Becoming a Woman of Virtue

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Monica Schmelter shares her thoughts as she prepares to lead a life changing Bible Study on ‘Becoming a Woman of Virtue’ 

WRITTEN BY: Monica Schmelter

As I prepare to lead a Bible study entitled “Becoming a Woman of Virtue” I have several thoughts.  One recurring thought is that these classes will be just another “thing to do” on a woman’s already too long list of things that need immediate attention.

The next thought is that “Becoming a Woman of Virtue” is not really something that we do.  Rather, “Becoming a Woman of Virtue” is God’s work inside of us as we yield our lives to Him.  Think about it.  You can ponder all day on the virtues of honesty, and yet in the moment of intense pressure, tell a lie.  We can in fact recite the virtues of modesty and yet find ourselves responding to the man-at-the-grocery-store’s flirtatious comments.

It’s one thing to be able to recite a list of virtues, and another thing to live those virtues out in world that is overwhelmed with living for the moment.  Becoming a Woman of Virtue is about taking a break and reflecting on what matters most.  It’s about taking the risk to believe what God says about a woman and her life is far more important than what this world has to say on the matter.

Beyond that risk, it’s about slowing down enough to surrender our will to His Will.  As I lead this ‘Becoming a Woman of Virtue’ Bible study I won’t be talking about a list of virtues.  Rather I’ll be pointing all of us to the one who can make us truly virtuous.  The One who has the power even in our moments of weakness to give us strength to be honest, patient, and the like.

This Bible study will be practical and challenging.  Our goal won’t be to become “Ms. Christian Cookie Cutter” but rather to embrace who God really made us to be and to allow His Spirit to shine through us even in the most pressure filled situations.  True Christian Virtue is only possible in a life totally surrendered to Christ.  This Bible study is not about one more thing to do – it’s about surrendering to Him so that living a virtuous life isn’t dependent on your human effort, but rather His supernatural power.


When: Monday, February 10th, 2014 @ 7pm and continuing each Monday for six weeks

Where: Life Church 3688 Hwy. 109, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087

For more info: Becoming a Woman of Virtue Bible Study


Southern Guide to Life Contributor Monica SchmelterMonica Schmelter is a regular contributor to Southern Guide to Life.  She is speaker, General Manger of WHTN of the Christian Television Network, host of  CTV’s ‘Bridges,‘ and author of ‘Right Sizing Your Life,’and ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?’ To find out more visit Follow her on Twitter at @MonicaSchmelter. Visit her on Facebook at

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