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Marsha Jones

Marsha JonesAuthor, photographer, and avid genealogist Marsha Jones brings her own unique brand of magic to Southern Guide to Life.

Marsha has trained in the field of genealogy for decades, authoring books on the subject, conducting lectures and most recently founding a publishing house focusing primarily on heritage collections. She trained with Edythe Rucker Whitley, one of the primary researchers behind Alex Haley’s legendary work ‘Roots.’

Marsha Jones on Southern Guide to Life.

She has become a passionate advocate for women’s health, and particularly women’s heart health. After a lifetime without heart, cholesterol or blood pressure issues, she was diagnosed with five heart blockages, including a 99% blockage of the ominous ‘Widow Maker’ artery.  Newly married and happier than ever, she was given weeks to live without a risky Quadruple Heart Bypass.  Her journey and recovery is the subject her latest, deeply personal and inspirational book, due out next year.  In it, she gives hope to women struggling with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and beautifully details the power of God to transform hopelessness into victory and death into a new life.

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