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How To Make Easter Bunny Tea Towels

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As Easter approaches, Taryn, owner of ‘Design, Dining, and Diapers’ shows us how to transform plain flour sack tea towels into the perfect holiday accent for your kitchen or bath.


Shortly after Taryn’s first child was born decided to trade in life as a PR/Marketing executive for the job of full-time wife, mom, freelancer and blogger. That’s when ‘Design, Dining, and Diapers’ was born. The name “reflects what I do in a given day: creating new designs and spaces, making gluten-free meals, while changing diapers and chasing smiles,” Taryn says.

It really was hard for us to pick out just one project, or for that matter, to keep from spending the entire day just drooling over the ideas and project on her website.

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |

Supplies Needed:

– Two Flour Sack Towels

– 3-inch wide Wired Burlap Ribbon

– Black Textile Paint (Taryn used Jacquard Products paints)

– White Textile Paint (Taryn used Jacquard Products paints)

– Fine Tip Paint Brush

– Bunny Stencil (Taryn used a graphic from Silhouette to cut the stencil)

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |

You can buy flour sack towels at craft stores, big box stores, or online. The fabric is typically a very soft cotton. Taryn found plain flour sack tea towels at her local craft for $2.99 each.

Next, she mixed three tablespoons of white paint to a pea sized drop of black paint to create the perfect shade of gray.

She positioned the stencil onto the front of the tea towel and traced around the edges with a fine tipped paint brush and her custom blended grey paint.

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |

Fill in the outline until the bunny shade is completely covered. You may need to touch up a few spots once the paint is dry.

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |

Pleat and pin the burlap ribbon around the bottom portion of the tea towel to create a ruffled effect. Taryn used wired ribbon which helped to hold its shape as she pinned it in place

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |

A single straight stitch with a sewing machine or by hand hold the ribbon in place.

Home & Garden |How To| Easter Bunny Tea Towels |


Photographs by: Taryn, courtesy of DESIGN DINING and DIAPERS.

To see more of Taryn’s beautiful designs visit her website at DESIGN DINING and DIAPERS.




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