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Holidays: Burlap and Rose Valentine’s Wreath

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

Jane Windham of Cottage at the Crossroads, turned strips of burlap and a few craft store finds into a beautiful and whimsical Valentine’s Day wreath that is sure to steal your heart.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Cottage at the Crossroads
WRITTEN BY: Southern Guide to Life

Jane and her husband, Leo, downsized dramatically when they moved into Leo’s childhood home, a 100 year-old house, build on land that had been in his family since the 1700’s.  What they found in return was a simpler life they wished had begun long ago.  Their blog, Cottage at the Crossroads documents their journey and their new found love of cooking, gardening, renovating and creating. The home gave birth to more than just the blogs concept, it also inspired its name. The property, called Windham’s Crossroads, is located just where a state route meets a federal highway.

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Jane modified her ruffled burlap wreath to fit the season.

See How It’s Made: Ruffled Burlap Wreath

What You Will Need:

1 Ruffled Burlap Wreath (Learn how to make the Ruffled Burlap Wreath)

6 Rosettes (available at most craft stores)

1 Piece of Natural Burlap

1 Burlap Heart (Learn how to make the Fabric Heart)

Red Embroidery Thread

Scrap Lace

1 Paper Gift Tag

1 Key

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

Jane cut a rectangle of naturally colored burlap to fold into the shape of an envelope.  At one end of the rectangle she trimmed the corners to a point, resembling the shape of an envelope flap.  Once folded, she used embroidery thread to create a basic blanket stitch along the edge of the envelope.

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

Jane attached the envelope to the ruffled wreath and filled it with a handmade fabric heart and embellished it with lace, a paper gift tag, and a key picked up at a local craft store.

See How It’s Made: Fabric Heart

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

Finally, she spaced red felt rosettes evenly around the remainder of the wreath and hot glued them in place.

Holidays | Burlap and Rose Valentine's Wreath |

Photographs by: Jane, courtesy of Cottage at the Crossroads.

To see more of Jane’s beautiful designs visit her website at Cottage at the Crossroads.

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