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Finding Your Confidence in God

Photo by: Muris Kuloglija Kula

By Monica Schmelter – I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  A beautiful 4th grade girl said “I just can’t believe I weigh 113 pounds and it makes me feel so bad.”  She was crying as she spoke the words.

When I looked at her I saw a beautiful young girl.  When she looked at herself she saw a girl who weighed too much and it bothered her.  It bothered her to the point that in a Bible Study of women and girls, she walked right in front of the group, choked back the tears, and shared how badly she felt about her weight.

Most of us are insecure about at least something.  It’s when we face these insecurities head on that we can begin to overcome them.  That’s what this young girl was doing and you and I can do that too.  For many women, the issue of looks is overwhelming. From a young age we are “rated” or graded according to how we measure up on the world’s scale.

The world’s scale is harsh for most women and girls.  Very few of us are extremely tall and thin.  Even if we are tall and thin, there is still probably something else about our looks that we are concerned about.

Becoming a woman or girl of confidence only happens when our identity and value are rooted in Christ.  This is a process of growth and maturation.  There are things we can do each day to remind ourselves of our real value.  The more we are convinced of our value, the less likely we’ll be to rate ourselves on the World’s Scale.

Here are 3 things you can do each day to remind yourself of your true value.

  • Remind yourself that God is right.  He says you are wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)
  • You are uniquely made by God and special to Him. (James 1:18)

Doing these three things won’t change the size of your nose or help you lose the next five pounds.  They will however, reshape your perspective and redefine your values. Certainly, we need to tend to our physical appearance.  We do not have to let it though control our lives and thoughts.  We don’t have to live feeling insecure – we can live confidently through our faith in Christ and enjoy the beautiful women and girls He made us to be.  Take some time this week to remind yourself that you are wonderfully made, that you are unique and special and that you are loved unconditionally and see what a difference it makes.


Southern Guide to Life Contributor Monica SchmelterMonica Schmelter is a regular contributor to Southern Guide to Life.  She is speaker, General Manger of WHTN of the Christian Television Network, host of  CTV’s ‘Bridges,‘ and author of ‘Right Sizing Your Life,’ and ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?’ To find out more visit Follow her on Twitter at @MonicaSchmelter. Visit her on Facebook at

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