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Burlap and Flower Living Wreath

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

Laura, owner of Decor to Adore, shows us how to add rustic sophistication with this designer living wreath that beautifully combines delicate spring and summertime blooms with the natural texture of burlap and moss. 


If you visit Laura’s website, Decor to Adore, you will find articles on virtually every aspect of decorating your home. However, it was this beautifully unique living wreath that caught our attention. We can’t think of a better way to combine the colorful, sophisticated, and delicate with the rustic and natural in a simple and surprisingly inexpensive project that you would expect to pay hundreds for in a designer store.

Needed Supplies:
Wire Wreath
6 Small Terracotta Pots
 White Acrylic Craft Paint
Sand Paper
Green Floral Wire
Hot Glue
Sheet Moss
Burlap Ribbon
Small Containers of Flowers

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

Laura began with small terracotta pots, available at most craft, discount, and garden centers for under a dollar. Make sure the pots have drainage holes in the bottom.

She mixed acrylic white craft paint with a bit of water to create a white glaze. Dab or drybrush the glaze onto the pots to create an aged effect and allow to dry.

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

Use a bit of sandpaper to create a softer, more distressed finish.

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

Clustering the pots together, Laura used floral wire to secure the pots to the wire wreath form. Simply wrap the wire around the wreath form, around the pot, and through the drainage hole. Be sure to do this several times to make sure the flower pot stays put.

She used two clusters of three small flower pots, but you can use as many as you like. Just be sure they are well secured. Keep in mind the overall weight of the wreath once the dirt and flowers are added.

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

Laura used hot glue to add bits of sheet moss to the pots, adding to the aged look.

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

She used burlap ribbon to fill in all of the open areas between the pots.

For Laura’s instructions on creating the ruffled burlap look, click here.

Entertaining | Burlap and Flower Pot Wreath |

She planted the pots with a selection of Pansies and Alyssum she picked up in a six pack for $2.98. If needed, add a little potting soil.  A daily misting of water kept the flowers quite happy.

As the weather heats up, Laura suggested switching the plant choices to more heat tolerant options such as succulents.

Photographs by: Laura, courtesy of DECOR TO ADORE.

To see more of Laura’s beautiful projects and ideas visit her online at DECOR TO ADORE.

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