Welcome to the Southern Guide to Life!  Grab a drink and make yourself at home!

Southern hospitality is not something you do, it is a part of who you are.  But, you don’t need to live below the Mason-Dixon Line to imbue everything you touch with a sense of warmth and gracious ease.

At the Southern Guide to Life you will find inspiration, delicious recipes, tips, advise and all things Southern.  Here, we will show you how to create the best of Southern Hospitality whether you live in Savannah or Moscow!

Check back daily for updates.  As always, your comments, shares and contributions are welcome!

In the Cooking Section, you will find delicious tried and tested recipes.  Ranging from old fashioned recipes straight out of Nanny’s kitchen to simple and easy dishes that your kids will never know are healthy!

In the Family & Life Section, you will find articles and posts on topics such as preserving your family history, etiquette and personal advise, beauty, great books to curl up with my the fire, tips for improving your life and the world around you and in every way transforming your life into the epitome of gracious living!

The Home & Garden Section, will show you how to turn your home into a shining example of warmth and laid-back southern ease.

Fun & Travel, offers ideas and inspiration for entertainment and travel.

In the Faith Section, you will find posts that uplift your spirit and feed you soul.


Along with these sections you will find a variety of series to help make your life better, easier, happy and graceful.  These series include:

What Your Mamma Never Taught You – Let’s face it, not everyone grew up with a mother who was June Cleaver and Aunt Bee all rolled into one person.  From dating to how to pick the best produce, this series will teach you everything you Mamma never did.

Ask Eileen – With good humor and keen insight, Eileen answers your questions on everything from etiquette and relationships to cooking and home keeping.  There is no question to big or to small for Eileen.

How To… – Ranging from how to cook an artichoke to how to fix a busted pipe, this series will walk you through the steps you need to know.

5 Minute MealsThese recipes are designed to be delicious, easy and quick to prepare.  While they can be tasty treats any day of the week, they are guaranteed crowd pleasers at the end of a busy work day.

90 Days of Summer series – Memorial Day begins the unofficial start of summer. With fuel prices soaring and constant economic grumblings, more and more people are choosing to spend their summers closer to home. This series will bring you exciting, unique and incredible summer experiences in the south that can be had in a day or weekend trip.

Discovering Your Roots – Will show you how to turn basic dates and documents of genealogy into the narrative of your family history.

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