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4th of July Cakes and Treats

soaring-spirit-cake-mainWe stopped by one of our favorite sites,, to find a cake or two to share with you for your 4th of July festivities, but we had a hard time selecting just one.  So, here are our top nine favorite cakes, cupcakes and cookie ideas. They range from incredibly simple or elaborately beautiful, and are sure to be the centerpiece of your Independence Day table.  (P.S. Not a  paid advertisement, just some really cool cakes)






Wrapped in Glory Cake

While working with fondant does take some practice the basic principles are simple.  Some beginning bakers actually prefer working with fondant over buttercream.  This cake is baked in a simple star pan.  Once cooled, blue tinted fondant is smoothed on and white fondant stars are attached.  To make the drape, red and white strips of fondant are rolled together to make a single thin sheet.  The red and white sheets of fondant are then draped around the cake.

 See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Seeing Stars and Stripes Cupcakes

These stars and stripes cupcakes are actually easier than they look.  Concerned about being able to pipe a straight line? No need, there’s no decorative piping involved.  Simply bake your favorite cupcake, allow to cool and then ice with plain buttercream.  The red strips are made with edible sugar paper and attached with a little piping gel to act as glue.  The blue stars are made the same way.

 See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Bursting In Air! Cake

This cake is iced with simple buttercream with a piped star trim around the bottom, though fondant could easily be used instead.  The stars are made with a special product called Color Flow and attached to the cake with lollipop sticks and icing.  Iced sugar cookies on lollipop sticks would also work well.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Bursting Into Air Cupcakes

This is probably one of the simplest ideas on the list.  Bake your favorite cupcakes using patriotic themes cupcake liners and let them cool.  Swirl on your favorite white icing and top with red and blue iced sugar cookies.  Place them on a cupcake tree stand.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Patriotic Star Cookie

To make these stars and dots sugar cookies you don’t need to be a decorating genius.  In fact, these cookies don’t use many traditional decorating techniques.  So, if you can bake a cookie, use a marker and a pair of scissors, you can add this cookie to your Independence Day menu.  An edible ink marker and edible colored paper are used to complete this look.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Country Cake

This cake is baked in a star shaped pan.  Once the cake is cooled, cookie cutters are gently pressed into the top to create on outline of small stars and the letters U S A.  The cake is then decorated as normal with red, white and blue buttercream icing.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at




Our Flag Was Still There Cupcakes

Though this is an impressive and complicated looking cupcake, it really isn’t difficult to make with a little practice.  Start with a regular muffin tin lined with appropriately themed liners and fill with your favorite cupcake batter, bake and let cool.  Use tinted buttercream icing to pipe decorative rings of fringe.  This specific technique is called a Pull-Out Star.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Soaring Spirit! Cake

Although this cake does take a bit more time and experience to complete, working with fondant is a lot easier than you may think.  It is also more forgiving than buttercream icing making it the preference even of some beginners.  The cake is baked in a 6 inch and a 10 x 2 inch round cake pans, cooled and then stacked using standard technique. Blue fondant is then smoothed over the cake.  White fondant stars are added.  Red and white striped fondant is then draped around both tiers.  Top with fondant stars attached with lollipop sticks.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at



Red, White and True Blue Checkerboard Cake

Believe it or not, the most time consuming part of this cake will be making the sparkling white fondant stars.  The cake is made with a Checkerboard Cake Set that divides the cake into specific quadrants. Divide your favorite white cake batter into three bowls and tint to your preferred colors.  For this cake, tint one bowl red, another blue, and leave the third white.  Pour each color into a different quadrant. Once baked and cooled, the cake is stacked using normal technique.  The cake is then iced with tinted buttercream and decorative fondant stars are added.

See the ingredients, tools and directions at

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    Filing this away for next 4th of July! Great ideas!

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