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Southern Table: Rustic Chic Autumn Desert Table

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

The golden Earthy tones of Fall easily lend themselves to elegantly rustic design.  When you pair it with sumptuous deserts and fluffy buttercream you have a tablescape that your guests will not soon forget.


Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

A two-tiered cake with rustic frilled buttercream icing takes center stage in this design.  Against the subtle browns and cheerful oranges, the creamy white adds a pop of perfect color.  Jenny chose a vintage pressed glass cake stand that allows the cake to shine.  With such wonderful texture, a frilly flower, in a deeper plum color, is all the added decoration this cake needs.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? No desert table would be complete without the beloved desert.  The cookies have the added benefit of coordinating perfectly with the rustic Earth-toned color scheme.  The cookies rest perfectly on a smaller scalloped-edge cake stand.  This is an unexpected and creative way to add elegance to a cookie display and height to your overall design.


She mixed textures and materials to create great depth and sophistication. Here, a torn burlap strip serves as a runner for a vintage wooden crate.  On top, an antique footed cake stand adds lift for the candied apples, while mini pies fill a naturally aged silver tray.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

Tie a few cookies together with twine to create little cookie packages. A perfect way to serve cookies on a buffet!  Here, they are served in a wooden footed bowl.


Traditional candy apples are taken up a notch with the use of white chocolate.  The color compliments the creamy white buttercream icing!

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

Even the mini pies carry on the Autumn theme. A small cookie cutter can be used to cut out a leaf shape from the center of each top pie crust. Seal the top and bottom pie crusts and bake as normal.  More twine is used to secure small wooden spoons to the pies, creating individual edible packages.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Fall Desert Table

More burlap and twine are used to create the rustic ‘Falling In Love’ banner.  Cutouts of leaves, in fall colors, are strung together on twine and added to the backdrop.

By keeping all of the base materials dark in color, Jenny allows the food to be the focal point. Old drawers and wooden crates are used to create added height and display areas.  The mixture of refined antiques with rustic elements creates the very definition of country chic.


Photographs by: Jenny, courtesy of Jenny Cookies.

To see more of Jenny’s delicious deserts or to hire her for your upcoming event visit her website Jenny Cookies.

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