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See Shadow People @ Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Why visit a fake “haunted house” this Halloween when you can spend time in a real haunted location?

Famed as one of the most haunted sites in America, Waverly Hills Sanitarium has been the backdrop for numerous ghost hunting television shows, including ‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Ghost Adventures’. It has twice been the site of ‘Ghost Hunters’ famed live Halloween episodes and has been featured n dozen of domestic and international publications and television shows.

This Halloween season they are offering two unique experiences to check off your bucket list.

Their special Scare-A-Torium opens September 21st and continues on  through October 28.  Gate opens ever Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and close at 1:00am, but fear not, if you have a ticket in hand at 1am they guarantee entry. Parking is $2.00 per carload.  Tickets are $20 per person (cash only) and go on sale at 8:00pm at the front door.   Be sure to leave the kids and babies at home.

If you would like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, reserve a space of their First Annual ‘Halloween on the Hill.’  For $200 you have the chance to ghost hunt at Waverly Hills on All Hallows Eve.

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Sanitarium opened in 1910 after Jefferson County was ravaged by a tuberculosis outbreak.  The two-story wood frame structure eventually gave way to an imposing five-story brick hospital with a capacity to hold more than 400 people. With the development of antibiotics the structure was transitioned into a hospital for those suffering with dementia, mental and physical disabilities.  In the 1980’s it served briefly as a prison before falling into disrepair.  In all between 8,000 and 64,000 men, women, and children are reported to have died at the Sanitarium.

Today, it serves as a mecca for ghost hunters from across the globe who come to experience the sites reported cold spots, disembodied voices, full bodied apparitions, shadow people, high EMF’s, floating heads, slamming doors, moving objects and mysteriously lights.

Pay special attention to the Body Chute or Death Tunnel, a 500 foot tunnel stretching from the hospital to the railroad tracks, where bodies were wheeled to waiting hearses.  A spectral man in a white coat is said to roam the kitchen and cafeteria.  Room 502 may be the most infamous of all. It is there in 1928, the story goes, that a young nurse hung herself after discovering she was pregnant and unmarried. In 1932, another young nurse took her own life in the same room by jumping off the balcony, for reasons unknown.  The ghost of a nurse, dressed in white, is said to walk the halls near the room.

Be sure to save time for the 4th Floor.  It is said to be the most haunted area in the entire hospital, with slamming doors, voices, full body apparitions and shadow people, just to name a few of the reported experiences.


Location: 4400 Paralee Lane Louisville, KY 40272


Contact: (502) 933-2142

Scar-A-Torium Price: $20 + $2 for parking
First Annual Halloween on the Hill Price: $200

Scar-A-Torium Hours: Sept 21st – Oct 28th * Fridays and Saturdays  * 8pm-1am
First Annual Halloween on the Hill Hours: Call for information


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5 Comments on "See Shadow People @ Waverly Hills Sanitarium"

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  1. Nana says:

    I saw this on Ghost Hunters!! Scary and cool at the same time!

  2. Peggy T. says:

    I know where we’re going next Halloween!

  3. Celia T. says:

    On our bucket list! I didn’t know just anyone could visit. Thanks!

  4. Larry says:

    We are planning this for Halloween!

  5. Robin says:

    How cool would it be to do a ghost hunt where the actual Ghost Hunters have been!