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Opinion: Where is the Outrage?

Five Officers Murdered in the last 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours FIVE officers have been shot and killed. Two of those officers

were in intentionally targeted because they were in uniform. In North Carolina, an 

off-duty sheriff’s deputy was seriously injured after he was ambushed by four

suspects while he was at a child’s birthday party. Investigators say that he was

targeted because of his job. The suspects have been charged with assault with

the intent to kill.


It does not matter where you fall on the political spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you

are a democrat or a republican. It doesn’t matter if you are on the socialist side of

liberal or the tea party side of conservative. If (heaven forbid) tonight you wake up to

the sound of someone breaking into your home, it is a police officer that you will call.

Within moments, a man or woman in a uniform will be racing get to your home in

the middle of the night. It will not matter to them that you are likely a perfect

stranger. It won’t even matter if you generally dislike the police. They will come

anyway. They will risk their lives to confront the criminal. They will risk their

lives to protect your life and the lives of your families. How many people do you

know who would do that for you?



They will run towards the danger when everyone else is running away.

They will stand between you and dangerous threat when everyone else is cowering on the floor.

They will comfort strangers when everyone else is ignoring the hurt.

They will give lifesaving emergency care when others are just watching past.


Officers also…

Play basketball with neighborhood kids.

Buy groceries for folks in need.

Save injured animals.

Change flat tires.

Spend hours talking someone out of ended their life.

Arrange help for the junky who has burned every bridge in their life.

Care for the homeless, the wounded, the innocent, the unwanted, the abandoned, and the hurt.

They help. Wherever and whenever they can…they help.



There are not many reasons that folks willing wear a target on their back, risk

life and limb, carry twenty-pounds of equipment, work horrible hours that cause

them to skip birthdays and holidays, make snap decision that have to be right every

time, be judged by everyone from supervisors to media to perfect strangers on the

street, have most everything they do videotaped and potentially posted online, and

do it all for an average salary of $26,600 even with a college degree. The vast

majority do it because they have an overwhelming desire to help other people.

The men who died got up every day, put on a uniform, kissed their families goodbye,

and went out to protect their community even at the risk of their own lives. Think

about it for a second. What have you done in the last twenty-four hours that required

you to risk your life while helping, protecting, and serving your neighborhood?


If you come from a law enforcement family and you love someone who spends their

days running towards danger, while everyone else runs away, very often the sweetest

words you ever hear come at the other end of a phone and say,

“I’m okay. I love you.”


Those are five words these five families will never hear.


So, where is the outrage? Where is the political class making haughty speeches?

Where is the media discussing the epidemic of law enforcement officers being

ambushed and targeted for murder? Where are the 24-hour news cycles?

Where are the talking heads and experts giving opinions on the state of a nation

that places targets on the backs of those who serve them?


That North Carolina deputy was at a child’s birthday party.

A child’s birthday party!

Those officers in Maryland were just getting lunch!

Where is the acknowledgement of the double standards and the hypocrisy?



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