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Monica Schmelter: Becoming a Woman of Virtue (Part 2)

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Monica Schmelter continues her life changing Bible Study on ‘Becoming a Woman of Virtue.’ 

WRITTEN BY: Monica Schmelter

Becoming a virtuous woman can seem like a lofty goal or impossible dream.  If we list the responsibilities of most women they include caring for family, juggling a household, earning a living, solving problems, and the list goes on and on.

The encouraging news here is that “Becoming a Virtuous Woman” provides both the energy and discipline to fulfill our responsibilities in a fun and meaningful way.  Over the years I’ve heard from women how tired and depleted they are.  I understand because many times I feel the same way.  Then I started to search the Word and God and seek His face.

The more I did that the more I found that God wanted to help me become the woman I need to be.  As I followed Him more closely I realized that a lot of the notions I held as “truths” were really just unrealistic expectations of myself and others.

For example, I used to grimace and regret whenever I displayed any signs of being impatient.  I used to feel just awful when I had to say “no” to anyone’s request.  I would think truly if I am a loving and Christian woman I need to help.  As I studied God’s Word I realized that if I really wanted to become a woman of virtue I would have to step back from a few things.  I could not over-schedule and expect to remain patient.  I could not say yes to everyone and most everything and still show the love and concern for my family that the Bible talks about.

In the 6-week Bible study that I lead at Life Church in Lebanon, TN you will learn how “Becoming a Woman of Virtue” is God’s plan for you.  He wants to give us the strength and energy to order our lives in such a way that patience, love, forgiveness etc. are a part of our daily lives even in pressure cooker type situations.

This 6 week study will be a time of rest and yielding to Him to transform us into He who wants us to be.   The Bible Study “Becoming a Woman of Virtue” study is not about setting the bar just a little bit higher.  It’s about letting our lives be infused with His power and grace so that His virtue flows in and through our lives.

Held at Life Church in Lebanon, the 6-week bible study is open to the public and is free of charge.  There is no book to purchase. Just bring your Bible.  If you don’t have a Bible – one will be provided for you.


When: Monday, February 10th, 2014 @ 7pm and continuing each Monday for six weeks

Where: Life Church 3688 Hwy. 109, Lebanon, Tennessee 37087

For more info: Becoming a Woman of Virtue Bible Study


Southern Guide to Life Contributor Monica SchmelterMonica Schmelter is a regular contributor to Southern Guide to Life.  She is speaker, General Manger of WHTN of the Christian Television Network, host of  CTV’s ‘Bridges,‘ and author of ‘Right Sizing Your Life,’and ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?’ To find out more visit Follow her on Twitter at @MonicaSchmelter. Visit her on Facebook at

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