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Meet a Tyrannosaurus Rex @ Dinosaur World

photo courtesy of Dinosaur World

If you have traveled the I65 corridor through Kentucky you have surely passed that life-sized replica of a Dinosaur and wondered whether it was some kind of lawn art or advertisement for some weird road-side-attraction. But, Dinosaur World’s third prehistoric park, located in Cave City, Kentucky is far more than a road-side-attraction.  Think more Dinosaur Zoo.  Nestled among the lush native landscape are more than 150 life sized dinosaur models.  Built of fiberglass, steel and concrete, the models reach up to eighty feet in length and are based on the latest scientific discoveries.  The dinosaurs are arranged in groups of up to eleven of a single species.  Each grouping is positioned in a variety of settings, to provide a realistic impressive of a heard that might have been seen during prehistoric times.

The Fossil Dig allows children to channel their inner archaeologist and dig in the sand for authentic fossils to take home as a memento of their visit.  You can unearth a life size dinosaur skeleton.  Be sure to stop and visit the Mammoth heard for a fabulous photo-op.  In 2008, the herd moved into the park and a particularly friend baby mammoth allows kids to climb up and ride. In the Skeleton Garden, you can learn about how paleontologists uncover fossils in the field and see to-scale replicas of actual dinosaur skeletons.

When planning your visit, keep in mind that the only food offerings available in the park are a few vending machines. Though, you are welcome to bring a lunch and picnic areas are available.  Friendly pets are welcome on a leash.

Location: 711 Mammoth Cave Road  Cave City, KY 42127


Price: Adults $12.75 + tax  ~ Children 3 to 12 $9.75 + tax ~ Senior 62 and Over $10.75 + tax

Hours: Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas ~ 8:30am – ?

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