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Making a Pretty Crust

Place the crust in a a round dish and gently smooth the bottom and edges.  You can make your own crust or use a pre-made pie crust.

With a sharp knife, slice away the excess crust that overhangs your dish.  The easiest and neatest way accomplish this is by pressing the side of your knife against the pans edge and let it be your guide.  Gently pull the excess crust away with one hand as you go.  Always use downward strokes to ensure the cleanest edge.

Roll small pieces of dough into a tear shaped balls and press to flatten, forming a leaf shape.

Gently press the leaves onto the crust edge, overlapping as you go. Use the back of a knife to make “veins” in the leaves.

Once the pie edge is completed, tuck the final leaf under the tip of the first one to create a continuous circle of leaves.

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