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It Took a Goliath

It Took a Goliath ~ Southern Guide to Life

Photographer: Jamie Brelsford

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. – Rahm Emanuel

It took a Goliath to make a David. It took a brutal Pharaoh to make a Moses. It took a flood to make a Noah.

Before you start thinking that these examples of extraordinary persons, cannot possibly apply in your own life, stop and consider this:

* David was only a boy tending his father’s sheep when he alone was willing to accept King Saul’s challenge to fight Goliath. His motives were as simple and as easily understandable today as they were nearly 3,000 years ago – he wanted to be King and marry to beautiful princess.

* Moses was more than eighty years old when he climbed to the top of Mount Sinai and heard the voice of God commanding him to record the laws of the Israelites.

* Noah was an average merchant – middle class by today’s standards. He was a husband and a father when God spoke to him and told him to build a boat and prepare for a flood that would cover the Earth.

These men bore little resemblance to hero archetypes. They were at best average and at worst filled with flaws, self-doubt, insecurity and failings. No one around them believed that they were born to do great things.

God did not create us to be spectators to life. He created us to move mountains, to be greater than even our own expectations, to make a difference in the world around us, to make a difference that we have lived at all. It is in the crisis moments of our lives that the hero within us emerges and we realize that we are capable of feats that only moments before were beyond our imaginations.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the 2010 floods that ravaged Middle Tennessee. In the course of little more than seventy-two hours an entire region, completely unprepared, experienced the greatest disaster in its history since the Civil War. Entire neighborhoods were submerged in muddy waters within the course of hours or sometimes minutes. Drivers clung to the roof tops of cars, families fled to their attics with nowhere else to go and people died sitting in stand-still traffic on the interstate.

There were no National Guard Troops, no federal evacuations, no national search and rescue operations. What there was, were hundreds and thousands of regular, everyday individuals who chose to step into the midst of a crisis. Neighbors who braved the rushing waters in small fishing boats to rescue friends and strangers alike, one house at a time. There were truckers who stopped on the interstate to rescue motorists from rapidly submerging cars, knowing full well that they risking being swept away themselves. There were families who opened their homes to perfect strangers, giving them shelter in the storm. There were hundreds of volunteers who showed up at make-shift shelters asking one simple question, “How can we help?”

Very few of these thousands upon thousands of hero’s had any special training, preparation or experience. They were not the archetype hero’s from movies, but they were far from average and they were in every respect of the word “Hero’s”. They changed the course of thousands of lives. They changed that course of an entire city and an entire region. They did it all because they saw a crisis and they chose to step into it with Faith instead of running from it in fear. The difference they created and the impact that they made will be felt long after the crisis is over and for generations to come.

What are you capable of doing and accomplishing? What magnificent feats of wonder can you create, build, invent, or inspire? How do you grow from simply average or good to extraordinary? The answer is simple – it is in the crisis moments of your life. The moments filled with blood and sweat and tears, when you are left with nothing to hold to but the knowledge that God is real and present and beside you. It is in those crisis moments that we have the ability to change and shape the course of our lives and the course of the world. What crisis is God calling you towards? Will you answer Him in Faith or in fear?

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