It Took A Goliath

What are you capable of doing and accomplishing? What magnificent feats of wonder can you create, build, invent, or inspire? How do you grow from simply average or good to extraordinary? The answer is simple – it is in the crisis moments of your life.


It Really Is All About ME

Do you want to know the secret to shaping the entire world, turning your relationships around, or building a more productive company?  The single most profound method to changing everything resides in the last place we usually look.


What Do You Do After Stupid?

This Sweeping across the fields of China, the cities of Europe, the plains of Africa, and the small towns of the United States, there is one thing that links us together as participants in this remarkable experiment called the human condition.  It is our propensity for Stupid.


I’ll Take the Brick, Thank You

Sometimes the most generous and loving thing God can do is throw a brick at your head.



Junk in Your Trunk

What are you carrying that keeps you weighed down, held back and stuck?




Christmas Canceled

The privilege and duty of being Christian?




Lessons Learned on the 3rd Anniversary of Loss

A death is not the end of Life or of Love





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