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How To: Surefire Way to Get Rid of Gnats!

The name “Gnat” is really a generic term for a wide variety of small flying insects from Black Fungus Gnats to Fruit Flies to some varieties of Mosquito.  Regardless of the name, no one wants these critters inside our home and none of us want to introduce more toxic chemicals and pesticides around our children and pets. Here is a two fold strategy that will knock out your Gnat problem, organically, and within 1-2 days:

1. Get Rid of Their Food Sources:
* Cover your trash cans
* Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink
* Put up any leftover food promptly
* Keep your drains clean
* If necessary pour a bit of bleach down the drain to clean and kill any critter eggs
* Make sure any food left out is very well sealed…those critters are tiny and can get into  even the smallest openings

2. Attract and Destroy

* Start with a clear dish that is no more than a inch or two deep
* Pour enough beer into the dish to generously cover the bottom
* Cover with plastic wrap
* Punch 1-2 small holes in the top of the plastic wrap
* Place the dish in the area where the Gnats are concentrated
* Keep checking. It won’t take long before the Gnats are lured by the smell of the beer – an hour tops
* Some of the Gnats will get stuck in the beer themselves and some you will have to help. A light whack will knock many of them down into the beer or simply squish between the plastic wrap
* Repeat every hour or so until you no longer see any Gnats around the beer
* Leave the dish in the same spot for 24-48 hours to ensure that you have killed them all

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  1. Clara says:

    Great to know! I will keep this one file!