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How-To: Spring Peony Wreath

How To | Spring Peony Wreath |

Jenny, of Days of Chalk and Chocolate, shares a beautiful Spring wreath that is sure to wipe away your winter blues.

PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Days of Chalk and Chocolate
WRITTEN BY: Southern Guide to Life

Jenny Romaine, owner of Days of Chalk and Chocolate, is a teacher by trade and a lover of “all things pretty.”  She blends the two passions into a blog brimming with inspiration and ideas for creating beauty at home.  Though you would never know it, most of her designs and ideas are budget friendly and easy to create.  We fell in love with this ruffled burlap, Spring peony wreath.

How To | Spring Peony Wreath |

Spring Peony Wreath

What You Need:

1 Styrofoam wreath form
Strips of Burlap
Birds Nest with artificial bird eggs
Artificial Pussy Willow Branch
Polyester Chiffon or Satin Fabric
Embroidery Thread


1) Wrap the wreath in strips of burlap.

2) With a basic running stitch, create a ruffle using a strip of burlap approximately 1.5 times the circumference of the wreath. Secure the ruffle around the perimeter of the wreath front.  Repeat the process to create a ruffle for the wreath back.

3) Cut the polyester material into petal shapes the approximate size of peony petals. Carefully hold the edges of each petal to the candle flame until they begin to curl.  Make four slits in each petal and repeat the process along the cut edges. Make four more slits in each petal and repeat the process.

4) Layer the petals and stitch together using embroidery thread.

5) Attach three peonies, of varying sizes, to the burlap covered wreath.  Add pussy willow branches and the birds nest.

6) Top with a pink satin ribbon for extra color and for hanging the wreath.

How To | Spring Peony Wreath | SouthernGuideToLife.comJenny suggests these tutorials for making the burnt edge peony flowers: Creature Comfort BlogHouse Revivals, and Twigg Studios.

How To | Spring Peony Wreath |

Photographs by: Jenny, courtesy of Days of Chalk and Chocolate.

To see more of Jenny’s beautiful designs visit her website at Days of Chalk and Chocolate.



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