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How To: Natural Fall Wreath

Southern Guide to Life ~ Natural Fall Wreath

Learn how to make this classic Fall wreath from Craftberry Bush. It’s sophisticated enough to grace your door or wall all year round.


Southern Guide to Life ~ Natural Fall Wreath

Lucy began with a foam wreath form, available at any craft store and many big box stores.  She ripped an eight-foot long canvas drop cloth into approximately 3″ wide strips. Next, she dipped the canvas in tea to stain, you can also use coffee for a slightly different effect.  After hanging the strips to dry completely, she wrapped them around the wreath, making sure to cover all of the foam, and pinned them into place.

Lucy created burlap ribbon from material purchased at Canvas Corp.  She made leaves with excess canvas material. Visit her website Craftberry Bush to learn how to make the leaves.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Natural Fall Wreath

For extra bulk and texture, Lucy tied burlap and canvas strips into lose knots at intervals around the wreath. To determine the length of strip you need, tie a lose knot around the wreath and cut any excess cloth. Untie the knot and use this piece as a measurement for the rest of the strips.  Tie knots around the entire wreath, alternating material.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Natural Fall Wreath

She embellished the wreath with dried Hydrangeas and roses from her garden.  Her children contributed found acorns, which she glued into place.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Natural Fall Wreath

Photographs by: Lucy, courtesy of Craftberry Bush.

To see more of Lucy’s beautiful designs visit her blog Craftberry Bush.

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