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How To: Autumn in White

Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn un White

Autumn and Thanksgiving decor isn’t all about bright colors. Sometimes the most stunning design is created with neutral tones and incredible textures. Learn how to turn a $5.00 thrift store find into a sophisticated Autumn design.


Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn un White

Karen spent many years as the head designer for a large craft store chain.  So, when she saw these fish themes stacking trays at a local thrift store for $5.00 she knew what she wanted to create.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn in White

She started by washing the trays and allowing them to dry.  Next, she applied three coats of a quality primer, allowing each coat to dry.  It took a final five coats of paint before the large, boldly painted, fish was completely covered.  She painted three wooden candlesticks and a wooden ball the same color.  Once dried, she glued the candle sticks to the trays, using the smallest one for the top stray. Finally she glued the wooden ball to the top candlestick as a finial.  If you want to ensure greater stability, nail or screw the candlesticks into place. Don’t forget to countersink the nails or screws.  Backfill with a little bit of wood putty and touch up with more paint.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn un WhiteThe secret to great neutral design is texture, texture, texture.  Karen added that beautifully with the additional of vintage finds, fabric, and floral.  Here, she livened up a plain white container with scraps of burlap secured with twine.  She added Hydrangeas, berries, and Chinese Lanterns for soft color and wonderful texture.  Hydrangeas and Chinese Lanterns make wonderful dried arrangement, or you can use quality artificial florals.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn un White

When shopping at thrift stores and antique shops keep an eye out for items with interesting textures, colors, and shapes. On their own, many of these items wouldn’t attract much attention, but together they form a picture perfect design.

Old books and scraps of fabric and ribbon make great additions to your craft cupboard.  They’re usually inexpensive and can be used in a variety of settings. Old books add great height to any design, even a dinner tablescape.

Southern Guide to Life ~ Autumn un White

Photographs by: Karen, courtesy of Shabby Sweet Cottage.

To see more of Karen’s beautiful designs visit her blog Shabby Sweet Cottage.

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