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How To Make a Handmade Easter Bunny for Your Table

Entertainment |How To Make a Handmade Easter Bunny for Your Table |

Mary, from ‘Life at the Cottage’, shows us how to make these perfect handmade Easter Bunnies. What a fabulous addition to an Easter table or decor. We fell in love with them and you will never believe how easy they are to make.


Mary is a wife, mother, photographer, artist, writer and doer of ” all things DIY.” Her website is chock-full of creative ideas and inspiration from her cottage home. We loved this easy and homemade Easter bunny decor.

Entertainment |How To Make a Handmade Easter Bunny for Your Table |

Project Supplies:

Two Pieces of Fabric (large enough for the size bunny you are creating)


Embellishments (buttons, scrap fabric, etc.)


Hot glue (optional)



1) Mary used unbleached quilted Osnaburg fabric to make the body of these bunnies. Although she suggests muslin, cottons, burlap, or a variety of other fabrics would work just as well.

2) Next, she drew a basic bunny pattern on paper, folded it in half, and cut it out. This will help insure both sides are the same. You can make your design as large or small as you like. In fact, we love the idea of creating a whole family of Easter bunnies.

3) Trace the pattern onto the right side of your fabric. (She waited to cut out the shape until later.)

4) She created the bunny’s eyes with a dark thread sewed with french knots. Next, she added patches, buttons, and decorative embellishments. Let your creativity run wild!

5) Once decorated. She placed this embellished piece of fabric onto another piece of matching fabric. She pinned them with the wrong sides together and the right sides showing. Then, she sewed around the pattern outline that was draw onto the fabric, leaving an opened at the bottom so the bunny could be stuffed.

6) Once sown, she cut out the bunny shape, leaving about 1/4 inch seam allowance. A bit of fraying only adds to the handmade feel.

7) Depending on the bunny’s size you may opt to stuff the ears or leave them alone. Mary opted to stuff the ears or the larger bunny. She stuffed the bodies until there was approximately an inch of fabric left at the bottom. She recommends folding the excess fabric as though wrapping a present and either sew or use hot glue to secure and close the opening.

8) She added whiskers using thread knotted at each end.

9) Mary added a tail by cutting a piece of contrasting fabric, gathering it slightly with a hand stitch, stuffing it slightly, and pulling the thread tight to close. She sewed the tails onto the bunny, though you can also hot glue.

Mary attached the two bunnies together. She says either glue or thread works just fine for that task.

Entertainment |How To Make a Handmade Easter Bunny for Your Table |


Photographs by: Mary @ LIFE AT THE COTTAGE.

To see more of Mary’s beautiful designs visit her website at LIFE AT THE COTTAGE.

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