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DIY: Rustic Fence American Flag

DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |

Mindi, owner of My Love 2 Create, shows us how to create this stunning rustic wood American Flag. Who would believe this began as an old wooden fence panel? 


Laura’s website, My Love 2 Create is filled to the brim with incredible reclaimed, repurposed, and DIY projects. We could spend hours just looking at all the beautiful creations. During this holiday season, it was this stunning rustic wood American Flag that caught our eye. You may have seen similar creations in antique and specialty designer stores for hundreds of dollars. If you already have an old fence panel hanging around, you can create this project for under $20.

Needed Supplies:
Large Wooden Fence Panel
Red, White, and Blue Paint
Star Stencil
Paint Brush
Painters Tape
 DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |
Mindi began with a full-size weathered fence panel with well worn pickets at the top. She used a sawzall to cut the panel down to thirteen pickets to form the thirteen stripes of the American flag.
DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |
She taped off the blue section where the fifty stars will later be stenciled. To add to the aged look and preserve the character of the weathered wood grain, Mindi watered down the paint to form more of a blue stain or ‘whitewash’ technique. Remember, most paints go on darker and eventually dry lighter.

DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |

She used the same technique for the strips, alternating watered down red and white paint. The white stripes may take multiple coats as the paint may absorb into the wood. If you accidentally drip paint, just wipe it off with a rag.

DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |

Almost ready! Now come the stars.

DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |

Mindi cut her own stencil using contact paper and cricut cutting machine. However, you can use an X-ACTO knife or buy a premade star stencil.

The contact paper will not completely stick to the weathered wood, but it should keep it from moving too much. If needed, use a heavy object, such as a hammer to hold the stencil in place. Mindi elected not to water the paint down for the stars. She loaded the brush with white paint and then gently wiped off the excess. Then, she used the standard dabbing technique used in most stencil projects to create the stars.

To keep all fifty stars straight, it may help to line up the top row of the stencil to the bottom row of completed stars until you have all the stars completed.

DIY | Rustic Fence American Flag |

After a little distressing you should end up with your very own beautiful weathered Old Glory!

Photographs by: Mindi, courtesy of MY LOVE 2 CREATE.

To see more of Mindi’s beautiful projects and ideas visit her online at MY LOVE 2 CREATE.

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