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10 Things Your Mamma Never Taught You About Beauty

From how to prolong your manicure to how to lose 15 pounds with just a change of clothes, these are the things you wish your Mama had told you.

1. Take your own nail polish to the manicurist

Manicures are expensive.  There is no need to rush to the salon ever time you chip a nail.  If you have the color at home, a quick touch up will buy you time between visits.  You can buy profession quality nail polish at most beauty supply stores and even some grocery stores.

2. Shave Your Legs in the Shower

Those little red bumps you get from shaving are actually the hair follicles being irritated by the razor.  The heat of the shower (or bath) will relax the follicles and help prevent any nasty irritation.

3. Skip the Shaving Cream and Reach for the Conditioner

While we’re on the subject of shaving, there is no need for that expensive shaving cream marketed to women.  Conditioner works just as well or better.  Just apply it as you would shaving cream.

4. Solid Colors Make You Look Heavier

If you are wearing a solid color dress the eye has nothing to focus on except for your body shape.  For some, this may not be a bad thing – but for most of us it is a very bad thing.  Wear a dress with a bit of pattern or color difference.  Better yet, skip the dress altogether and go for a skirt and top.  If you are wearing a pants suit add a pop of color some where to draw the eye.  And never, never, never wear just a pair of black pants and black top with nothing else.

5. To De-tangle Hair Start from the Bottom

With a sturdy hair pick or your fingers start from the bottom and gently loosen the hair, working your way up towards your scalp.  If you start from the top it will only make the tangles harder to get out.

6. More Than  a Dryer

If you are in a hurry, your dryer on perma-press can work just as well as an iron.

7. Beating the Summer Sweat

Ultra dry deodorant works for more than just your underarms. Try it under your bra line to prevent the sweating and nasty heat rash that can plague big busted ladies in the summer heat.

8. A Little Goes a Long Way

If you are in a hurry want to spoof up your hair without taking a shower and restyling your hair, just a little face powder along the hair line.  Blend it in with a facial brush, or washcloth.  The nude tone of the powder will make it blend and it will adsorb any excess oils in your hair.  For a bonus it will help give your hair fullness and lift.

9. Duct Tape is a Life Necessity

Skip the expensive roller brushes at the store.  Plain ole duct tape works better and quicker for removing pet hair from clothing. Cut a small length and roll it back onto itself to form a loop.

10. Olive Oil is Your Hairs Best Friend

Divide your hair into section.  Apply generous amount of warm olive oil to each section and wrap your hair in a towel for 20 minutes. Shampoo as normal. You will never have split ends again.


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  1. Jeannie says:

    Thanks for the tips!